The Sweet Spot Scoop

  • Fig Jam: "Summer Caught & Stoppered"

    Ray Bradbury wrote that dandelion wine "was summer caught and stoppered." That is exactly how I feel about these fig preserves. I love that canning is a way of capturing a season in order to enjoy a taste of sunshine on a cold, dreary January day. I made these preserves with my mom which makes them extra special. Paired with a nice soft cheese like camembert and whole wheat crackers, you'll be making this every year. 
  • Sweet Spot's 2 Year Anniversary

    Two years ago, I experienced the first “pivot” in my time as a small business owner. I found out how much I loved teaching, and the studio was quickly becoming a special place for many of our students.
  • Homemade Graham Crackers

    Growing up, the start of the new school year and the beginning of fall meant football games followed by bonfires with friends. I know that 2020 is making this mildly impossible, but we can still snatch up bits of the good times.